Cannabis Marketing Association presents

cannabis marketing summit

Monday, February 24 – Wednesday, February 26

The East Angel |670 S Anderson Street Los Angeles 90023

 For the executives, brand leaders, innovators, and changemakers who are redefining cannabis marketing and assisting in the destruction of a century’s worth of stigma and prohibition.

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The Objective of the CMS

The Cannabis Marketing Summit was established to honor the profession of cannabis marketing and to chart the marketers journey through the channels that connect us with the consumers and patients we serve.  

The goal of the Summit is to evaluate and establish best practices in alignment with our values of inclusivity and authenticity — with an eye on the end of prohibition. Marketing is a major factor in shaping our culture’s values and buying patterns and we recognize the responsibility of this power. Legal cannabis is the fastest growing industry in America and it’s time. 

We are gathering to define and plant the flag on the new era of modern, legal cannabis communications.  


To teach and share ideas about cannabis marketing best practices from around the country


To create a community for cannabis marketers to gather, ideate, and collaborate

Best Practices

To establish a first of its kind set of guidelines of cannabis marketing best practices to prepare for the end of federal prohibition



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